How Do You Know You Have Bed Bugs?


Bed Bugs are increasingly becoming a problem in all kinds of places. Contrary to popular opinion bedbugs aren’t confined to hostels, hotels and cruise-ships. Infact, they are commonly found in houses and apartments! So the question is, how do you know you have bed bugs?

The easiest way to know you have bedbugs is to find a bedbug. You can see adult bedbugs with your naked eye. They are not invisible! So if you are worried you may have bedbugs, you should look for them or call us for an Oakville bed bug inspection.

Bedbugs are about the same size and color as an apple seed. Bedbugs often hide below sheets, in the seems of mattresses and in box-spings. If you carefully examine your bed, you may be able to find some bedbugs! Unfortunately, bedbugs don’t always spend their days in beds. They can live in crevasses in other areas of your room so you might not be able to find the pests simply by examining the bed-area. You should examine other parts of your room to see if you can find bedbugs. Unfortunately, bedbugs are good at hiding so you might not be able to find them even if they are there!

So if you can’t find them, how do you know you have bedbugs?

You can do a bit of detective work to work out if you have bed bugs. Sleep on white sheets and keep an eye out for small black or red stains. Bedbugs leave black stains on beds and if you squash one it will leave a small red stain on your bed. Also keep an eye out for bedbug bites. Bedbug bits are usually red and round with a black dot in the center and unlike other bits they usually appear in a linear fashion on the upper parts of the body- face, neck, shoulders and arms. So that’s how you can tell if you have bedbugs or not in a nutshell!

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