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The initiative to coping with an ant infestation is an inspection. The target is for the tech to get as much information regarding the infestation as possible. This information is utilized to discover the location of the nest or the satellite colony. After the initial inspection the technician will find the causes of the infestation and make useful tips about preventing the growth of the problem. Recommendations such as fixing, sealing entry points and for providing treatment. After the first inspection and formulation of the action plan the tech will start the ant extermination procedure. Every infestation has its own distinctive features. The ant control procedure can include spraying baseboards, doors and window frames. Depending on the level of the treatment and infestation it may have to vacate the premises for up to four hours and until the pesticide has dry.
Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter ants can be as if not more damaging than termites. As they build nests in wood by tunneling and nesting inside wood structures Structural damage can be caused by them. They’re large, black ants sometimes with dark brown or dark red areas. Carpenter ants are similar in look to the common pavement ants, but may be distinguished by specific physical characteristics.
They’re known to hollow out sections of trees to produce their shelter. They have the opportunity to travel up to 100 meters in hunt for food and they are most active at night. They don’t sting but worker carpenter ants are known to bit. Carpenter ant size ranges between 0.64 to 2.5 cm. If you have spotted carpenter ants, or any other ants, give us a call. Have a professional pest control technician do an free inspection: 647-931-5319.

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