Rodent Control Oakville

Mouse and rat control solutions in Oakville. Rodent Control Oakville. Our technicians can deal with even the most complex of rodent infestations. Call 647-931-5319. Whether its rats or mice you can be certain that the problem will be dealt with entirely.

Licensed, insured and very experienced exterminators will take care of the problem for you. We offer commercial and residential treatments for both mice and rats.

Rats and mice can cause serious problems to households and businesses alike. They can cause damage to walls and wires and more importantly transmit seriously harmful pathogens to people. Mice and rat populations may develop very quickly if left untreated. Mouse control solutions include placing bait stations in affected areas and taking the necessary steps to make sure no mice or rats can come back in. Proper rodent extermination will provide long term protection. Proper exclusion can significantly reduce the need for rodenticides and other poisons.

In most cases where a mouse is spotted, professional extermination is required. Mice and rat populations can quickly grow out of control.

The most frequent mouse found within your house is the home mouse. House mice have actually evolved to live in close contact to persons. In several locations including Southern Ontario they are seldom able to survive the winter outside. The house mouse is medium grey in colour and is often confused with the deer mouse which also sometimes enters buildings. The deer mouse can be recognized from the house mouse by its ears and substantially bigger eyes and has a white under belly which clearly differs from the colour on its back. The house mouse’s belly is only marginally lighter in color than its back.

Just before carrying out treatment against rats or mice, we will do an inspection or survey of the property, site or region to determine on the size and extent of the infestation.
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