Raccoon Removal Oakville

Raccoon removal and control in Oakville.Raccoon Removal Oakville. Raccoons often find their way into our homes. Wildlife intrusions are a widespread phenomenon in Oakville.

Every fall and spring raccoons are particularly active and it’s the time when homeowners mostly experience raccoon intrusions.

Raccoon removal can be a complicated process and can involve several stages of trapping, closing entry points, and removing animals manually. It is also important to perform the removal duties with the wellbeing of the animals in mind.

It is best to leave it to the professionals. Call us today: 647-931-5319

Raccoons are responsible for year round property damage and disturbances across the GTA. For raccoon removal and management services in Oakville then you are in the right place.

Raccoon Removal
Our technicians use only humane but effective techniques to eliminate problem raccoons from attics, lawns, roofs, decks and more. We take extra care to make sure that all raccoons are removed in a way that doesn’t harm the creatures. Our technicians remove raccoons so that no property is damaged, and everything is clean and disinfected. Finally, we seal all entry points so that no raccoons or other animals can enter again. If you are experiencing issues using a raccoon have a professional conduct the removal for both your family’s and the animals safety. Call us now if raccoons are causing damage to your premises or keeping you up at night.

Raccoons might be rapidly recognized by the black coloured coat they have around their white face. Their size can range depending on habitat and living conditions. They can be between 2 to 14 kilograms with a common typical weight of 3.5 and 9 kilograms. They’re predominantly nocturnal foraging for a diverse kinds of meals at night. They are doing this in a comparatively smaller areas compared to other creatures. The working range of the urban raccoon is limited from 3 to 8 hectares. Though mostly active at night, raccoons can sometimes found during the day when food sources are ample. Typical litter sizes are between two to five young. Mating occurs during the times of the year with increased daylight and mostly between February and March. In cities, raccoon populations can be much bigger than in the wild. Most raccoons den in dark quiet areas close to your food source. In cities like Toronto prime raccoon den areas are hollow trees, attics, sheds, garages, chimneys, woodpiles and under decks. Odds are it is a female, when you have a raccoon living in your property. It’s mostly women that create dens most of them produced during summer time months.


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