Raccoon Behavior During The Spring


Raccoon behavior during the spring is often times different than that of other seasons. They are usually located in a wooded area, but as civilization starts to encroach upon the raccoon, they are starting to take up residence in our homes and buildings. Mating season for them usually runs from January until March which is the start of our busy wildlife control season. After which, you will find Mom raccoon out at night foraging for food for herself and her young. (more…)

How to Select A Bed Bug Exterminator

Oakville Exterminator

Getting rid of bed bugs is not an impossible task; however, it is a difficult one. It is vital to choose an exterminator that is experienced and comprehends the best ways of handling bed bugs. Bed bug exterminators will often employ various methods of extermination based on the situation and how often an individual may get into contact with a given site. Prior to deciding on service, it is worthwhile to inquire about how the process works; however, it is vital to put into consideration cost, communication and other factors. You can ask us, the Oakville exterminator at any point. Just call us.


How Do You Know You Have Bed Bugs?


Bed Bugs are increasingly becoming a problem in all kinds of places. Contrary to popular opinion bedbugs aren’t confined to hostels, hotels and cruise-ships. Infact, they are commonly found in houses and apartments! So the question is, how do you know you have bed bugs?

The easiest way to know you have bedbugs is to find a bedbug. You can see adult bedbugs with your naked eye. They are not invisible! So if you are worried you may have bedbugs, you should look for them or call us for an Oakville bed bug inspection. (more…)

Best Natural Squirrel Repellents

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels can become pests as they are known to cause damage to gardens, roofs, attics and wiring. They are known to carry mites and fleas that can are responsible for spreading of Lyme and typhus diseases. They can be fun to watch but can cause many problems as they can destroy bird feeders, dig up gardens and chew wires in houses. Dealing with squirrels means dealing with them humanely as it is illegal to harm the animals. If you too are experiencing problems with squirrels, call us for squirrel removal Oakville. (more…)

Why Do Raccoons Nest in Attics


If it’s around March, and you think there might be a raccoon in your attic, you are probably right. Raccoons usually give birth in early spring, right around March. And it would not be beneath a raccoon to make its nest in your attic. It simply is using its paternal instincts to provide for its new family.  The mother raccoon finds her way into your attic, and then begins to make her nest. She is not picky as to what she uses, so she uses anything she can get her paws on.


Dealing With Bed Bugs On Your Own

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs could be everywhere and your house is not an exception. The problem is that killing these bugs is really a difficult task. For complete eradication of these pests, call us, the Oakville bed bug exterminators. But if you have the interest to deal with the problem on your own, it could be done provided you know what to do. This article would provide you will information on how to deal effectively with these bed bugs known as “little vampires”.

The Reproductive Cycle or Urban Racoons


Raccoons are omnivorous mammals characterized by gray fur, black patches around the eyes and a black ringed tail. They measure three feet long and about 12 inches high.
Raccoons are found in most parts of North America, and have become a major problem in the region having adapted very well to the urban conditions. Their numbers have greatly increased and are now common in the major cities and towns. If you too are experiencing raccoon problems, than this article is helpful in better understanding how to deal with raccoons before you call us for Oakville raccoon removal. (more…)

How To Get Rid of Cockroaches


One of the most common pest control problems that many homeowners face is how to get rid of cockroaches in their homes. Cockroach control can be a tricky issue. Once cockroaches infest a home, it is normally very difficult to get rid of them if you are not keen on what you are doing. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to increase the chances of doing so once and for all. (more…)

Common Bed Bug Extermination Techniques


If you have bed bugs, your treatment options are somewhat limited. They are a very difficult pest to eliminate from your house. It will take time and patience as well as one of these common bed bug extermination Oakville techniques. First Step no matter what kind of treatment option you decide to use is: Remove bedding and wash in hot water with a good quality detergent. Follow up by drying in a hot dryer. This will kill any bed bugs on the bedding. Vacuum the bed on all sides, removing the mattress and vacuuming the foundation and any carpet underneath the bed. (more…)

Simple Tips on Selecting Wildlife Control Company

Wildlife Control

Whether you have a new home or an old one, you want it free from any pest or wildlife. You have to make sure that there are no intruders in your house like snakes, bats, raccoon or rats. For you to achieve this, you need the help of a reliable and experienced wildlife control company. Today, selecting a wildlife control company is not that difficult to do. Follow these steps and get satisfied with the wildlife control Oakville service you receive. (more…)