Common Bed Bug Extermination Techniques


If you have bed bugs, your treatment options are somewhat limited. They are a very difficult pest to eliminate from your house. It will take time and patience as well as one of these common bed bug extermination Oakville techniques. First Step no matter what kind of treatment option you decide to use is: Remove bedding and wash in hot water with a good quality detergent. Follow up by drying in a hot dryer. This will kill any bed bugs on the bedding. Vacuum the bed on all sides, removing the mattress and vacuuming the foundation and any carpet underneath the bed.
Non-Chemical Treatments
As well as the heat method described earlier, you can also try a cold method. Place the bedding and mattress outside in a temperature below 0 degrees Fahrenheit for a period of 4 days. The cooler the temperature the shorter the items have to be left in the cold. Do not use your home freezer, as it is probably not cold enough to effectively kill the pests. This method does not always work so be prepared for other options
Steam is another effective method to eliminate bed bugs. If you have a home steamer, you can thoroughly steam the mattress and box spring. Make sure you spend some time doing this, as it will not kill the bugs instantly. Repeat this method daily until you are sure you have eliminated all the bugs. A professional pest control company may use this treatment as well but they have much more powerful steaming equipment at hand.

Chemical Treatments
There is no household treatment available that is effective in killing the bed bugs. If these methods described do not work then it is best to call in a professional. The will use a combination of heat, steam and commercial pesticide to eliminate your pest problem with usually one treatment. The chemicals used are safe and reliable but only available for professional use.

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