Bird control and removal in Oakville.Pigeon Control Oakville. When it comes to controlling a pigeon populations there is no one size fits all solution. All pigeon infestations are different. Successful pigeon management requires both ability and expertise as something which works in one scenario maybe completely ineffective in another.

Getting rid of pigeons efficiently demands an integrated strategy and is best performed by a seasoned professional.

Our technicians take a step by step approach to controlling and removing pigeons. We remove any source of food and water that might attract the population and then install the essential netting and spikes needed to keep pigeons from returning. Whether it’s a balcony or a roof, our technicians provide successful pigeon management alternatives.

Pigeon Problems
Feral pigeons are the main bird pest in Oakville. They can cause significant damage if left unattended over time. Pigeon control is important due to the damage and disorder issues these issue birds often cause. The uric acid in pigeon feces is incredibly corrosive and might cause substantial harm to other substrates and alloys it rests on for prolonged durations. Pigeon debris can damage rooftop air conditioning units which are a perfect nesting place for pigeons. Pigeon droppings can cause severe health conditions as they carry bacteria, and other harmful pathogens.

If you too are experiencing a pigeon problem call us. Our experienced technicians can help: 647-931-5319