Dealing With Bed Bugs On Your Own

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs could be everywhere and your house is not an exception. The problem is that killing these bugs is really a difficult task. For complete eradication of these pests, call us, the Oakville bed bug exterminators. But if you have the interest to deal with the problem on your own, it could be done provided you know what to do. This article would provide you will information on how to deal effectively with these bed bugs known as “little vampires”.

Determine if your house is infested with bed bugs

The easiest way to do this is to create a dry ice trap. It is a good thing that we know one characteristic of this pest and it’s their attraction to water. To set up the trap, you need any large bowl available at home and dry ice place in a thermos. See to it that the thermos is open. For the bed bugs to easily crawl up the bowl, place a cloth on the outer part of the bowl while on the inverted portion, place baby powder to make it slippery which would restrain the bug from escaping. If you properly set this up, you could determine if they are bugs in your home.

Prevention and Dealing with bed bugs

An excellent preventive measure for bed bugs is to use covers that are hypoallergenic on pillows, mattress and comforters. After knowing you have these pests on your bed, purchasing this kind of cover could also help you kill the bugs.

Using Diatomaceous earth

This chemical could be used to deal with bed bugs but it is not among those instant kill options. It would take several days before a bug dies using this chemical. It simply dehydrates these pests to death. Though it’s a good solution, this chemical could also be harmful to humans when inhaled. Be sure that you use it carefully.

Vacuum places where bed bugs live

Another action that you could perform is to simply vacuum your furniture, crevices, cracks, beds in order to get these bed bugs and including their eggs. It’s a good option to do after several days of applying DE to kill those bugs. Be sure to clean your vacuum thoroughly after doing so.

These are just some of the do it yourself treatment for bed bugs. You could still find a lot of good tips online so continue doing your research on how to make your house bed bug free.

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