Understanding Raccoon Behavior in The Summer


Raccoons are small yet stocky mammals that are about 2 to 3 feet long and characterized by their furry body, “masked” eyes and ringed tail. These wild animals are normally found in swampy, marshy areas; they also live near rivers, streams and hardwood forest areas. However, over the years, raccoons have adapted to live closer to humans making even the non-typical habitats their home. So, before you call us for raccoon removal services, it is advised that you read about what these animals do? Do they harm animals, pets and plants? What is typical raccoon behavior in the summer? What precautions are required? Here is all you needed to know about the racoons and their behavior. (more…)

Removing Raccoons From Your Attic

Raccoons In Attic

Are you having raccoon problems in your attic? Well you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. They mainly chose the attic because it is dry, close to food meant for your  pets and safe from predators where they can safely deliver and raise their young ones. Since they are nocturnal they are most active at night making loud noises, scratching and chirping. If not quickly removed, they can cause extreme damage to the roof, attic insulation and they chew wires leaving them exposed and dangerous. In addition, they will litter their feces all over your attic and urinate all over resulting in an unbearable stench. Here are some tips on dealing with them before you call us for raccoon removal.


Discreet Pest Control Services


Discreet Pest Control Services

We understand that our clients do not necessarily want the world to know about their Oakville pest control situation. That is why we take every measure possible to ensure that your privacy is protected. Our vehicles are unmarked and our technicians will respect your privacy every step of the way.


Sealing Animal Entry Points


Sealing Animal Entry Points

This is the first step of every animal or pest control procedure. Before our technicians begin with the extermination or animal extraction they will inspect your space and take extra care in sealing all entry points to your home.

This guarantees that no animals or pests will enter or re-enter your home and the pest or animal control process will succeed. For more information about our pest and animal control procedures feel free to contact us at: 647-931-5319

If you would like to see our list of wildlife control services please go to animal control Oakville.